Basement Bathroom Ideas Designs

Do you have a basement at home? You’re lucky Make a walk-in shower or full bathroom in the basement and you will not regret it! If you’re not sure if that’s a good idea and how to do it right, our idea will help you. Adding a bathroom in the basement is a big and complicated project. But that does not mean you can not do it. Thousands of DIY people get the job done every year, and you too, or you can always hire people to help you.

The basement is of poor quality from time to time, when it is finished or rebuilt then, they actually offer a large additional living room for various activities. For example, media room, lounge, wine cellar, bar, gym, office, game room, cave for man, laundry room and bedroom are popular choices for space below. soilless.

Today we’ll show you some pictures of the idea of ​​a bathroom on the ground floor that looks amazing! They differ in archetypes, design, planning and inspiration – but we’re sure you’ll love this list because of the cool stuff you can do with your basement if you decide to add or create a bathroom in the basement. Look at the picture below and be amazed!

After the hardest part of the job is done, decide what color you want here. Decorate according to the style you have chosen, but choose a light color because it visually magnifies your bathroom and mirrors the lamp. If not, choose a neutral tone or warm tone to make you feel comfortable.

Be creative with decorations, use different materials and textures to suit your style: wood, metal, various cool tiles and rough stones, create an oasis of relaxation in the basement. Find out where you will put the lights and paste it, do not forget to protect it from the water – not just water after bathing, the basement is often a bit damp. The lights should be bright enough for you to feel comfortable, and again, this is a way to enlarge the space, remember that basements often do not have natural light, so this will not be enough

Here, when the work is done, it’s time to enjoy it, go out, light a candle and relax in a bathtub or steam room.

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